You're vegan? What Do You Eat?!

Here is what our family eats in a week...

This is our food rhythm chart:


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is Caitlin, I made this video of my family's eating habits. When you are trying to improve your habits to be more environmentally friendly and more animal friendly you will make mistakes all the time. Don't sweat it at all when this happens. Being vegan and being Eco-friendly is not about being perfect. It's about setting a goal to do your best every day to take care of what you love: animals, people and the planet.

We will never, ever be perfect BUT we can Always aim to be better every day. I personally find this to be a happy way to live. When you find an "oops" you can undo it by sending a quick email to a company and spreading the word. In the ice cream section of this video I mention the new ice cream bars made by "KIND Snacks". This company uses palm oil in these ice cream bars and they are not using a sustainable source of Palm oil. I didn't realize this when I made the video. It's really important for us as consumers to pressure companies to use sustainable palm oil if they are going to use it at all.

Writing to companies Does make a difference. Here's a great link with sample emails and conversations from the Rainforest Action Network:

Here is the email address to contact the KIND Snack Company:

Here is a sample email to cut and paste from the Rainforest Action Network:

Dear Daniel Lubetzky, CEO of KIND Snacks,

My name is Caitlin, I am a regular customer and frequently purchase your products. I have recently noticed that a lot of my favorite products contain palm oil. I am aware of the problems associated with palm oil production including rainforest destruction, human and labor rights violations and high greenhouse gas emissions so I am writing to ask you to explain what your company is doing to avoid buying palm oil that has lead to these unacceptable social and environmental impacts. Do you know where the palm oil in your products comes from? Do you know how it has been produced? Do you have a plan for breaking the link between your products and forest destruction and human and labor rights violations? I am shocked to find out that some companies do not know where the palm oil they use comes from or how it has been produced. I know that some companies rely solely on sourcing RSPO certified palm oil but I don’t trust “RSPO certified” or “Green Palm” labels because the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) still allows palm oil producers that destroy rainforests and peatlands to be certified as “sustainable.” As a consumer, I don’t think it is acceptable for a company like KIND snacks to use palm oil that is tied to rainforest destruction and human and labor rights violations. Please stop purchasing palm oil that is tied to rainforest destruction and human and labor rights violations and commit to only purchasing palm oil that has been produced responsibly.